Dubai International Boat Show

Both the ‘Samawy 36’ and ‘Samawy 46’ are now available for reservations
Samawy Marine on its fifth year of exhibition in Dubai Boat Show has earned global recognition for building boats that are convenient to use and feature an original, sturdy and sleek design. Established in 2008, the company currently offers a wide range of vessels that can be used across various marine-based activities like rescue operations, patrolling, military operations, special tactic and force use and for leisurely activities like fishing and scuba diving to name a few. 

Recently Samawy ’36 was officially launched during the 2013 Qatar International Boat Show held last November in Doha wherein excellent marketing and exposure was established which served as a strategic platform to further leverage the two new sports boat models across boating enthusiasts and hobbyists in the gulf region.

The announced availability of the two new sports boat models complements recent industry reports forecasting the continuing growth of the GCC region’s luxury boat segment. Samawy Marine is very excited to showcase its newest sport boat Samawy 36’ the first time in Dubai Boat Show which offers quality performance, high safety and full reliability, that positions it as a perfect speed boat for leisure marine activities like fishing, diving, water sports and family trips. Measures 11 meters in length with a beam measuring 3.30 meters wide, features two 350hp outboard max engines or 370hp internal combustion engines.

Visit Samawy Marine Stand EX-13. For more information you may contact 0504522689 or 0506500525 or browse its website for details and update.