Sultan Bin Sheikh Mejren is a natural adventurer. His spirit of adventure led him to take on many undiscovered frontiers and chal-lenges. Bin Mejren’s thirst for adventure took him on diving and cruising expeditions to places as varied as the Red Sea, Maldives and the Mediterranean, Socotra and cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa. These extensive travels that included several hair– raising moments have led to him being labelled as a "discoverer", "explorer" and even Gonu Storm Chaser.

Bin Mejren’s passion for the sea started from an early age. He grew up in Dubai– an emirate that has a long history of affinity for the sea with a heritage of fishing and pearl diving.

The natural Beauty of Socotra island, the innocence of its people and its rich marine life created a lasting impression on him. He has led many more such expeditions since, with marine biologist accompanied by a professional camera crew ad a group of volunteers. In 2002, he discovered an extraordinary species of aluminous blue algae. Thereafter, this uniquealgae that is found only on Socotra has been named Mejreno, the latinized version of Bin Mejren’s name.

Bin Mejren has another persona, that of an entrepreneur with a strong business acumen, and it is facet of his personality that led him to establish Samawy Marine– a company that aims to produce a line of boats that meets the expectations of a variety of users.


To blend the best in technological advances in boat building today with the enduring seafaring craftsmanship of the UAE and his inti-mate knowledge of what a user need based on his experiences over two decades. Samawy Marine is committed to building boats having the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Qualified engineers will ensure that the boats will be built with painstak-ing attention to all aspects of performance and safety and will be CE certified. The boats will incorporate infusion technology.